Reflections of A Man


I saw excerpts of this book months ago through one of my social media’s feed. The earliest times I read it, I gave ‘meh’ response. It sounds like bullshit a motivator would say to us to gain money. After several exposures to its’ posts (yes, it kept appearing in my feed!), I started to read it carefully and think about each post. To be honest, it was not just about the level of post’s exposures, I was also going through hard time in my relationship. The book’s excerpts seemed like talking to me at that time.

That’s why I made a promise to myself to buy the book. For myself. For my own sanity.

Last week, during my quick visit to Jakarta, I finally bought the book at the airport. I started reading it, almost cried in the waiting room (because, damn, the author was right!) and I am still glad to have one (the book!). Now, let me tell you a little bit about it.

Reflections of A Man mainly talking to you, a strong and good woman, about how to heal with a broken heart and from a toxic relationship. It’s not a ‘how-to’ per se, but more like a brotherly advice from big brother to his little sister (minus the punch on your ex’s nose!). The author emphasizes several times that the reader is a strong and good woman, who either too kindhearted or perhaps too plain or maybe too stupid (I’m the third one, by the way) to walk away from a bad relationship.

Several times when I read the book, I said, “Oh, damn!” when it hit the right-bleeding-part of me and my story. Several times I cried while reading it out loud. You know, remembering things. Sometimes, there are parts that made me (imaginary) pat myself on the shoulder and said, “You are strong and you’ll get stronger.”

Reflections of A Man‘s not only talking to a good and strong woman, but also to the man. The author, as a male himself, felt he needs to reach out towards all the man out there and encourage them to treat their woman better. It also gives advises towards couple in a relationship on how to make a relationship works out.

Most of the advises are useful and soothing, especially for those who just broke up or have had a bad and toxic relationship. Those advises are also useful for those whom are trying to get back out there and have a relationship but are too afraid to start over. Some of the advises are too much, I don’t think it’ll work in a relationship or dating, but well, who knows.

I will recommend this book to my girl friends, whether they’re brokenhearted, looking for partner, or just for light reading. At least this book becomes a reminder to not just jump into a relationship, and when to walk out from a bad relationship. If I could sum up the whole book into one sentence, then it will be this, “Love yourself.”

Yes, the author wants the reader to love herself. Love herself so much that she won’t stuck up in a relationship she knows just doesn’t work out. Love herself that much that she won’t be dragged down by her partner. Love herself that she finds strength to turn her back, walk out, and live her life. It’s an abstract concept, loving oneself, but this book wants the reader to do that.

That’s my short review of Reflections of A Man. If you’re brokenhearted or in doubt of relationship you’re in, this book might give you insight or help clear your mind. You may also follow the author’s instagram account (@mr.amarisoul) to see excerpts of the book, if you’re reluctant to buy it :p



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